Processing textile waste, turning it into resources – What do we do

Processing textile waste, turning it into resources | What do we do

We offer to private and public companier solutions for unsorted textiles smart-wasting

Through our technology, finding new application

The solution

Smart-washing becomes a reality, as wastex engineering can recycle all what industry is turning into pollution.

The industrial process

A single plant for:

  • processing
  • compacting
  • treating unsorted textile rugs without any smoke emission in the atmosphere


Technology for circular industry that provides for making textile waste suitable and compatible for the application for which they are intended, with dosage of the parameters that make the characteristics of the final product superior to traditional application.

Trasformazione scarti tessili in risorse | Cosa Facciamo

The fields of application

Some of Wastex technology applications

Endless innovation

The applications of textile waste treated with our technology are potentially endless.

Thanks to continuous research, this circular industry is able to:

  • propose new products
  • respond to the specific needs of clients
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